Features of Residential Schools

The Motive behind the establishment of these Schools is to facilitate the rural talented students with a better education to have this achieved the rural talents to be identified and provide them free boarding, housing and good quality teaching. 

Since highly educated teachers work in these schools high level guidance is possible. 

In Residential schools students have more time hence that time can be utilized for the preparative of learning in a day 8:8:8 formula for clean + meals + sleep + participation in Co-Curriculum activities is possible. 

To install the concept of democracy, student representatives are selected through elections. 

Dividing the students into many groups and assigning them different responsibilities makes room for the development of leaderships activities in them. 

Suitable environment is created to make students self dependent to do their works themselves. 

Attention is given to every student and proper solution will be provided to their problems. 

Mahatma Gandhiji said that Childs overall development is possible when education they are getting is enable the individual develop his physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects. 

Equality is maintained without discrimination in curricular and extra curricular activities and also in boarding and hostel facilities. 

Girls and Boys are provided separate hostels. The students belong to various castes and communities are studying under a single roof, without any prejudices in sex, religion, caste and rate.